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Air Force: Enlisted Job Opportunities

For more information regarding these opportunities, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and free information will be mailed to you. Also, feel free to call your local recruiter.

Contracting Specialist
Education and Training Systems Specialist
Financial Analysis Specialist
Financial Management Specialist
Logistics Plans Specialist
Manpower Management Specialist
Military Training Manager
Missile Facility Manager
Operations Resource Management Specialist
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Systems Management Specialist
Post Management Specialist
Postal Specialist
Research and Development Technician
Supply Management Specialist
Supply Systems Analysis Specialist

Airborne Communications Specialist
Airborne Computer Systems Technician
Airborne Warning Command and Control Specialist
Airborne Wing and Control Radar I Specialist
Aircraft Life Support Specialist
Aircraft Loadmaster
Aircraft Structural Maintenance Specialist
Airfield Management Specialist
Air Traffic Control Radar Specialist
Air Traffic Control Specialist
Avionics Guidance and Control System Specialist
Avionics Sensor Maintenance Specialist
Avionics Test Station and Component Specialist
Communications Navigation Systems Specialist
Flight Engineer
Pararescue Specialist
Survival Training Specialist

Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Specialist
Combat Control Specialist
Command and Control Specialist
Space Systems Operations Specialist
Tactical Air Command and Control

Communications and Computer Systems
Communications Computer Systems Controller
Communications Computer Systems Programmer
Communications Programmer
Electronic Computer and Switching Specialist
Electronic Spectrum Management Specialist
Radio Communications Systems Specialist
Secure Communications Systems Specialist
Sensor Operator

Pavement and Construction Equipment Specialist
Utility Systems Specialist

Electronics and Electrical Repair
Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems Specialist
Aircraft Electronic and Environmental Systems Specialist
Aircraft Guidance and Control Specialist
Avionics Systems Specialist
Communications Cable and Antenna Systems Specialist
Electrical Power Production Specialist
Electronic Civil Engineer Specialist
Electronic Warfare Systems Specialist
Imagery Systems Maintenance Specialist
Instrumentation and Telemetry Specialist

Engineering, Science, and Technical
Aircraft Armament Specialist
Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Technician
Communications Systems Specialist
Disaster Preparedness Specialist
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
Ground Radio Communications Specialist
Information Management Specialist
Liquid Fuel Systems Specialist
Maintenance Data Systems Analyst Specialist
Meteorology Navigation Systems Specialist
Munitions Systems Specialist
Nondestructive Inspection Specialist
Nuclear Weapons Specialist
Weather Technician
Wideband Satellite Communications Specialist

Human Services
Chapel Services Support Staff
Social Actions Specialist

Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation Specialist
Imagery Interpreter
Intelligence Operations Specialist
Signals Intelligence Analysis Specialist
Signals Intelligence Production Specialist

Law Enforcement
Correctional Custody Supervisor
Security Police
Special Investigator

El Paralegal

Machinists, Mechanics, and Precision
Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialist
Aerospace Maintenance Specialist
Aerospace Propulsion Specialist
Aircraft Fabrication Specialist
Aircraft Fuel Systems Specialist
Aircraft Metals Technician
Fabrication and Parachute Specialist
General Purpose Vehicle Technician
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technician
Helicopter Maintenance Specialist
Precision Measurement Equipment Lab Specialist
Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Specialist
Special Vehicle Technician
Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Vehicle Body Specialist
Vehicle Maintenance Control and Analysis Specialist
Vehicle Maintenance Specialist

Printing Management Specialist
Public Affairs Specialist
Still Photography Specialist
Visual Information Production
Visual Information Specialist

Medical and Health Care
Aeromedical Specialist
Aerospace Physiologist
Bioenvironmental Engineer
Biomedical Equipment Specialist
Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technician
Cytotechnology Technician
Dental Assistant Technician
Dental Lab Technician
Dental Management Technician
Diet Therapy Specialist
Health Services Management Specialist
Histopathology Technician
Medical Lab Technician
Medical Services Technician
Mental Health Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Optometry Technician
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapy Technician
Public Health Specialist
Radiologic Technician
Surgical Technician

Military Intelligence Cryptologic Linguist
Far East Crypto Specialist
Germanic Crypto Specialist
Mid-East Crypto Specialist
Romance Crypto Specialist
Slavic Crypto Specialist

Missile and Space Systems
Missile and Space Facilities Specialist
Missile and Space Systems
Maintenance Specialist

Regional Band Specialist

Support Service
Fire Protection Specialist

Transportation and Material Handling
Air Transportation Specialist
In-Flight Passenger Services Specialist
Traffic Management Specialist
Vehicle Operations Dispatch Specialist
Vehicle Operations Specialist

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