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Marines: Enlisted Job Opportunities

For more information regarding these opportunities, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and free information will be mailed to you. Also, feel free to call your local recruiter.

Accounting Clerk
Administrative Clerk
Drill Instructor
Personal Finance Records Clerk
Personnel Clerk
Postal Clerk
Subsistence Supply Clerk
Travel Clerk
Unit Diary Clerk

Aerial Navigator
Air Control Electronics Specialist
Air Crew Survival Equipment Specialist
Air Support Operations Operator
Air Traffic Controller
Airborne Radio Operator
Aircraft Firefighting/Rescue Specialist
Aircraft Recovery Specialist
Aviation Machinist Mate (Jet Engine)
Aviation Maintenance Administration Specialist
Aviation Operations Clerk
Aviation Safety Equipment Specialist
Aviation Support Equipment Technician

Air Delivery Specialist
Amphibian Crewman
Antitank Assault Guided Missileman
Artillery Meteorologist
Basic Field Artilleryman
Basic Infantryman
Basic Logistics Marine
Combat Service Support Chief
Field Artillery, Cannoneer
Field Artillery Operations Man
Field Artillery Radar Operator
Fire Support Man
Hawk Missile Systems Operator
Infantry Unit Leader
Landing Support Specialist
Light Armored Vehicle Crewman
Machine Gunner
Maintenance Management Specialist
Reconnaissance Man
Red Artillery Fire Controlman
Redeye Gunner
Tactical Air Defense Controller
Tank Crewman

Engineering, Science, and Technical
Ammunition Storage Specialist
Aviation Electrician Mate
Aviation Fire Control Technician
Aviation Ordnance Munitions Technician
Aviation Radio Technician
Avionics Technician
Basic Engineer
Basic Surface/Nuclear Weapon Disposal Specialist
Communications Center Operator
Computer Operator
Construction Wireman
Data Control Specialist
Field Radio Operator
Ground Radar Technician
High-Frequency Communication Central Operator
Imagery Interpretation Equipment Repairman
Improved Hawk Fire Control Technician
Improved Hawk Missile Technician
Meteorological Equipment Maintenance Technician
Microwave Equipment Operator
Precision Measuring Equipment Technician
Systems Programmer
Tactical Satellite Microwave System Operator
Weather Forecaster

Basic Intelligence Marine Specialist
Counterintelligence Specialist
Electronic Warfare Specialist
Imagery Intelligence Specialist
Intelligence Intercept Specialist
Intelligence Specialist
Interrogation Translation Specialist
Topography Intelligence Specialist
Voice Processing Specialist

Law Enforcement and Security
Corrections Specialist
Criminal Investigations Officer
Marine Security Guard
Military Police

Legal Services Reporter
Legal Services Specialist

Machinists, Mechanics, and Precision
Assault Amphibian Repairman
Automotive Maintenance Specialist
Aviation Hydraulic Mechanic
Aviation Radio Repairer
Aviation Radio Technician
Aviation Structure Mechanic
Cable Splicing Specialist
Electric Equipment Repair Specialist
Electro-Optical Instrument Repairer
Engineer Equipment Operator
Fuel and Electric Systems Repairer
Ground Radio Repairer
Light Armored Vehicle Repairer
Metal Worker
Meteorological Equipment Specialist
Refrigeration Mechanic
Small Arms Repairer
Small Craft Mechanic
Telephone Switchboard Repairer
Teletype Repairer
Test Instrument Repairer
Tracked Vehicle Repairer
Vehicle Body Repairer

Media and Public Affairs
Apprentice Imagery Production Specialist
Apprentice Visual Information Specialist
Audiovisual Equipment Technician
Basic Broadcaster
Basic Journalist
Basic Offset Printing Specialist
Basic Photographic Process Specialist
Graphics Specialist
Production Specialist
Still Photographer Specialist

Assistant Bandleader
Drum and Bugle Corps Member

Support Service
Basic Food Service Specialist
Club Management Specialist

Motor Vehicle Operator
Tractor Trailer Operator
Traffic Management Coordinator

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